Friday, 15 November 2013

Beauty Favourites

I have been unable to blog or do much else for the last 3 weeks due to work commitments. I realised I missed my October favourites which I am gutted about because I love doing favourites posts and I love reading other peoples. I decided to do a just general favourites post of all the beauty products I have been LOVING this month. Because of work commitments beauty has not really been a priority, however I did manage a full face of makeup every night, regardless of anyone actually seeing me.

So here goes...

My first big favourite right now is the Soap and Glory hand food which I am sure I have spoken about lots and lots! During work my hands became incredibly dry and rough and yucky and this was a savour! Big love for Hand Food.

I love a bright lip and a berry lip but because I was working a lot I opted for pale pink lips. Enough colour to show I cared! I have been loving Topshop Pillow Talk and Avon Ultra Colour Lipstcick in Proper Pink. The perfect pale pink shades.

I am not a Bronzer girl because I am as pale as they come, however, in a moment of weakness I picked up the Topshop Bronzer in sandcastle. I love this. The packaging is beautiful and so is the beautiful powder inside! It has brightened up my completion and it just makes me happy! The smells thing in life eh?

There has been a lot of hype around the Avon Mega Effects Mascara, positive and negative. I am going hold my hands up and say I love it! This mascara knows how to create full, long, volumised lashes and this mascara can hold a curl! Reccomend! 

Another Avon Goodie that is a repurchase is the ANEW CLINICAL Line Corrector Hydrating Cream. After one use of this cream I was hooked. The only negatives I have are that it only comes in a 30ml tube for £19! Pricey but defiantly worth it.

I picked up 2 new Bourjois launches on my travels which I have been loving! The Happy Light Foundation is just perfect for my skin. I did have a wee struggle getting the right shade first time around but after picking up shade 50 in porcelain I have found a match made in heaven.
I also picked up some of the Bourjois Colour Edition 24hr cream to powder eyeshadows. I have been wearing the shade 6601? Since I got it and I am loving the result. It is the bronze one if that number is just nonsense! It's the perfect amount of pigmentation and shimmer for the party season.

Finally, I have been loving the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume. I am a Daisy lover till the day I die but I have run out of my signature scent so I have been using Dot. I love it! It is the perfect combination of fruity yet warm and just amazing. 

Can you tell I wrote this post in a hurry? Sorry!

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