Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Makeover Essentials... Deal or no Deal?

So one day I was working away, when I noticed this little pop up sales stand outside the shop. The reps were selling (very convincingly) products from a make-up brand called Makeover Essentials. Basically the reps showed you the products and let you smell and swatch and test the make-up and when you were totally hooked they let you in on the secret that the whole lot would only cost you £30 for £160 worth of make-up. The set included a double ended mascara, bronzer and two different make-up palettes that included, eye shadows, powders, blushers, lip glosses and the brushes. The sets looked amazing and I am not one to turn down such an amazing deal. (I couldn't stop thinking about the make-up and I knew I wouldn't be happy till I had it in my possession.)

This wee palette is the Beauty Diary and retails at $54.99. This is the item that I liked the most when the rep was persuading me to part with my pennies. I loved all the colours that this palette had to offer, especially the blushes. When I got this home to have a closer look I found that the colours of the blushes and the eye shadows were know where near as pigmented as they were when the rep showed me. So I was a little disappointed but the lip glosses are really nice and have a really nice non-sticky consistency. The big mirrors are the reason I will still be storing this in my handbag.

This is the Personalised Custom Compact and it is $32.99. This palette has eye shadows and lip glosses and a fancy wee feature where you can take them out. This would be good if you were going on a night out and just wanted to take a few colours with you. This compact has a mini compact within it which you can take out and take on your night out or whatever. The pigmentation of the eye shadows were also disappointing but maybe if I wet my brush a little?

The bronzer is something I could have left behind tbh... I am very pale and this bronzer just doesn't work at all. It offers more of a bronze/gold shimmer than a bronzed look. I just was not a fan of this product. the brush bristles were not soft and came out a lot. It is called the Shimmer Brush and costs $29.99 which I think is a complete waste of money.

This is the Mascara Duo and costs $27.99 which I think is crazy for a mascara. The mascara is okay but I would not swap my favourite Clinique High Impact mascara for it. The mascara has a priming conditioning side and a black volume adding mascara.

This is the swatches for the lip glosses which I did like.

Overall.... as I got all these products for £30 I am not going to complain too much but if I do not think I would pay the individual prices for each item. The sales rep did say that they should be selling this brand in John Lewis and Debenhams soon and that they are a high end luxury brand that are in competition with the likes of Estee Lauder and YSL. I liked trying out the products and I love a bargain but I don't think the quality is all that great!

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  1. sorry to hear about your experience with the products, the sales staff at this company are so dishonest :( I wrote a blog post about my experience with this brand if you'd like to check it out www.beautiful-solutions.co.uk/2013/10/brand-rant-avoid-this-brand-makeover.html xx