Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Lush Bath Cocktail

As a way of making sure that I take time to look after myself and take a well deserved break each week, I plan to have a lush bath; to relax, read a book and just treat myself to some alone time. This Lush bath series will also be an opportunity to review the many different Bath Ballistics, Bubble Bars and Bath Melts that are on offer at Lush.

I have recently discovered that more than one product can be used in the same bath to create a unique cocktail of aroma, bubbles and moisturising goodness. The first combination I tried is the Amandopondo Bubble Bar, with the Floating Island Bath Melt, a recommendation from a colleague at work.

Amandopondo is a rose and lemon scented bubble bar with a little rose bud embedded on the top. I took half of the bubble bar and crumbled this under hot running water. This created a lovely aroma and beautiful frothy bubbles. 

Floating Island is one of the amazing bath melts from Lush. It has a lemon and sandlewood scent which compliments the Amandopondo. The Floating Island contains Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil for adding lovely moisture.

I love bubble baths! They are so relaxing and a real form of escapism for me. The combination of the Amandopondo and the Floating Island was a treat. The bubbles were lovely and the scent created by both products was fresh, floral and uplifting. The scent does linger on the skin and my skin feels soft and luxurious. 

I can not wait for my next bath treat, any reccomendations that you guys love? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

As a girl growing up in the 90's, I was hugely influenced by the iconic twin sisters that are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I used to watch Two of a Kind on Nickelodeon, I was obsessed with all Mary-Kate and Ashley movies; It Takes Two was regularly rented out from our local movie rental place, and I even had an Olsen Twin inspired wardrobe that looked like it came straight out of their movie, Passport to Paris.

I've been following their careers as long as I can remember, from television, to high fashion, I feel like I grew up with these girls. When I read online that they were releasing exclusive fragrances within their Elizabeth and James line I was super excited and added these perfumes to my wish list. 

I was given Nirvana White as a gift from my flatmate after she got back from The States and I was so grateful to receive such a wonderful gift. The textured bottle is sleek and very different to anything else in my collection. The white and gold packaging is chic and modern yet the bottles design reminds me of vintage perfume bottles from the 1920's. 

The fragrance within is a crisp, clean and sophisticated scent with notes of Peony, Lily of the Valley and Musk. I am terrible at describing scents and picking out certain notes but this is floral perfume that I love. It has taken over from my beloved Marc Jacobs Daisy as my Daily fragrance since I received it and it is a fragrance that lasts all day. 

 I really want to get my hands on the Nirvana Black perfume but as it is a Sephora exclusive in The US and Canada for now, I shall have to wait until it becomes available in the UK. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

My New Shoe Obsession: Pool Sliders

When it comes to summer footwear i usually stick to converse, flip flops or sandals, but summer 2014 has brought back the Birkenstock/pool slider trend that was oh so popular in the 90's. I am loving this 90's comeback and I am welcoming all the old trends I used to rock when I was younger, in a slightly more fashionable and chic way. I love looking back at old photos and realising what a stylish kid I was.

Unsure at first my opinion on the return of the Birkenstock sandal, I was categorising this trend under the UGLY footwear bracket that most shoe trends seems to come under nowadays. However, I take back every harsh word and judgemental look because I love them. 

I picked up my pair from River Island for a complete bargain. They were down to £15 from £28. I love the monochrome trend right now and these bright white pool sliders suit my current style perfectly. I plan to wear these all summer, as they seem to go with everything in my wardrobe and definitely plan to pick up some more in a variation of colours. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lush Tiny Hands: My New Favourite Hand Cream

Another Lush Post... Whoops.
I bet you guys are sick of hearing about my dry hands on Georgina Sparkles but it is an every day battle I must address. I have recently come across an amazing hand cream that is moisturising, nourishing and softening. 

Tiny Hands from Lush is a solid hand cream, that melts from the heat of your hands. The impressive list of ingredients include, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, African marigold Oil, Chamomile Oil and Aloe Vera, which are all incredible in hydrating and calming those dry hands. It has a floral/vanilla scent that is pleasant and I am loving the novelty of this product, it is shaped like a little hand. I've never used a solid hand cream before but it is now my new favourite hand cream.

As much as I love this product, it isn't the most convienient for carrying about in your hand bag, as it is one of Lush's naked products, but it is permanent addition to my bed side table. Tiny Hands is £4.25, which I think is a great price for such a long lasting product. 

Lush have a lot of solid massage bars which are next on my list to try to add extra moisture to my skin., have you ever tried any of the solid bars from Lush?