Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Sunday Post / Skin Care Favourites

Now that the Christmas festivities and New Years Eve Parties are left in 2014, it is time to focus on giving myself a healthier complexion and treating my skin to daily pamper sessions. Here are the products I like to use during my morning and evening routine;


Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser 
This is an amazing morning cleanser, due to its fresh ingredients and mild exfoliant. I have sang the praises of this cleanser before (here) but it is still a permanent step in my morning skin care routine. Lavender and Rose work together to balance complexion and reduce redness, kaolin deep cleanses the skin and ground almonds act as a mild exfoliant. Angels on Bare Skin has transformed my skin type from being oily and blemish prone to normal and silky smooth. 

Lush Eau Roma Toner Water
This is a new addition to my skin care routine but it is working wonders when paired with Angels on Bare Skin, it is a lavender and rose water based toner water that smells incredible but also refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. 

Lush Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser 
Another new product that was recommended to me by a friend, is the Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser. This is a lovely hydrating cream that mattifyes the skin, in preparation for adding primer or foundation. 

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask 
My current Face Mask of choice recently has been the Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask. There is clearly a theme running through my morning skincare routine. Love Lettuce does not list lettuce as one of its ingredients but it does contain lavender. Kaolin, honey, fillers earth and ground almond shells work with the lavender to help absorb excess oil and deep cleanse and finely polish the skin. This a beautifully scented and refreshing mask that I enjoy using every time. 


Garnier Miceller Water 
I am a big fan of this great value Miceller water and it is perfect for removing eye makeup before a cleanse. It is super gentle and effective and I can't rave about it enough. 

Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 
My preferred evening cleanser is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This breaks down makeup like nothing else and leaves your skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. Again this is another lavender and rose based product, but my skin just loves lavender. It is super satisfying seeing all your makeup come off onto a muslin cloth when using this cleanser. 

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
I have repurched this toner again and again because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is great for refreshing skin after cleansing and removing any bacteria that may still be lurking.

Lush Gorgeous Moisturiser 
Gorgeous is a beautiful rich moisturiser, perfect for use as a night cream/evening moisturiser. Lush have used the best of the best ingredients in this beautiful moisturiser and it the neroli in there helps it smell devine. This is definetly one of my favourite Lush products. 

Since using this routine, my skin is at its best, looking fresh, healthy, with a normal complection. What skin savours would you reccomend?

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