Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Girl, New Blog

So I think this is my 4th blog out there? I start off loving my blog and updating it often and then... something comes up and blogging isn't a priority any more. This new blog 'Georgina Sparkles' is a new blog I am creating that will be a beauty, fashion, everyday blog. I chose the name 'Georgina Sparkles' for my blog because: 1. My name is Georgina 2. It reminds me of one of my favourite Gossip Girl Character, Georgina Sparks. and 3. Someone very wise once told me that I lost my sparkle one day and since that day I have sworn to not let anyone every dull your sparkle!
I want to make a promise with this blog but I'm afraid I will not keep it. I will try super hard to update this blog at least once a week! 
Outfits of the day, product reviews, my day to day business! exciting stuff awaiting for you lot I am sure!

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