Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tartan Army

I have always wanted a wee tartan scarf for the winter time and after buying one for my friend Carly's Christmas, I couldn't help by this one from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. It is made by James Pringle Weavers and is the softest tartan scarf ever. They had an offer on and I got three of these scarves for £15, so I gave the other two away as presents to my best friends. This post is showing some outfits I have put together over the last couple of weeks were I have enhanced my look with my scarf.

Looking at these photos, my mirror is disgusting! ignore the make-up marks and focus on the scarf! My favourite accessory right now. Hoping that I will be storing it away for next winter soon! Bring on Summer!
Leather Jacket (Miss Selfridge)
Grey T-shirt Dress (Topshop)
Geek T-shirt (Republic)
Disco Pants (Glamorous)
Cardigan (River Island)
Disco Pants (Glamorous) 
Stripey Top (TU at Sainsburys)
Disco Pants (Glamorous)
Blazer (Topshop)
Midi Dress (Boohoo)
Shoes (New Look) 

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