Sunday, 23 March 2014

Holy Grail Status

I woke up this morning with a thought. A horrible thought. What if my favourite beauty items were discontinued. What if my Holy Grail products were unavailable from now on. Obviously there are bigger more important matters to be considered in the world right now but hypothetically, what if?

This question really made me think about what products I could not live without and what items I would buy in bulk the moment I heard a whisper of the D word. 

To be honest there are very few products I could not live without. I am not very loyal when it comes to lipstick brands and eyeshadow palettes but there are a few products that have reached HG status. These might not be the most glamorous or they might be super cliché but it is very interesting to discover which products I will always have a soft spot for. 

I will start with an easy one, my HG perfume and signature scent, The only perfume I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase till the end of time is Marc Jacobs Daisy. My friends and family all know about the love I have for this beautiful fragrance and I have been gifted this many a time. I am terrible at describing fagrances so I have done a little research on Daisy. 
Heart Notes- Violet
Top Notes- Strawberry
Base Notes- White Woods, Accord
I just know it smells wonderful and one of my friends said I smell like Parma Violets whenever I wear this perfume.

The only makeup product that I would consider a HG product and one I rely on everyday to give me perfectly filled in shaped brows is the Benefit Browzing Kit. I remember the day I started paying attention to my eyebrows, with a visit to the the Benefit Brow Bar in John Lewis, Edinburgh. A wax, tint and a cheeky purchase later, I was ready for my journey into the world of eyebrow maintenance. The compact brow kit comes with a wax, powder, tweezers and two brow brushes. I have spied and tried many a 'dupe' but nothing will come close to the result that the Benefit Browzing Kit gives. 

Next up is my favourite Nail Polish ever. I think has been featured on my blog before, perhaps a favourites post, but it is of course the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Holiday. This is the most perfect reddy orange shade and even though the formula is a little rubbish it is definatly a nail polish that would devastate me if it were to be discontinued. My favourite colour is orange and this nail polish reminds me of summer and my holidays.

An everyday essential product that I always have on me is the Soap and Glory Hand Food. I have multiple tubes of this hand Cream in different hand bags and around my house as it is the best hand cream out there. It smells of marshmallow and leaves my hands moisturised yet not greasy and comes in a handy travel size for when I am out and about.

Another Soap and Glory product that I discovered last year but has quickly become my favourite bath product ever is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I have repurchased countless bottles of this amazing body wash and I will repurchase it for a long time to come. It smells exactly like Lemon Meringue Pie and if I could drink this stuff I would, it smells that good. There are a few more amazing products in the Sugar Crush Scent that I also adore but the body wash is my favourite. It is the perfect scent for early morning showers as it is so refreshing. 

What are your Holy Grail products? 

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