Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Multi-Purpose Beautifying Oil

I have talked about my love for Beauty Oils on GS before (here) and discussed my favourites and their uses. Multi-Purpose Oils are a great method of injecting moisture and nourishment into your skin, body and hair, and I wanted to dedicate this post to my current favourite and most used Beauty Oil, The Body Shop Olive Beautifying Oil. 

I have been using and loving The Body Shop Beautifying Oils for a while now and they have become one of those products that I will always repurchase. The scent I am currently loving right now is the Olive Beautifying Oil, which smells fresh and clean and perfect for the spring. I wanted to share some of the ways in which I use this Multi-purpose oil and hopefully give you some ideas. 

1. Hair
After washing my hair and towel drying it, I run a little of the oil through the damp ends to give it an extra burst of moisture and shine. The ends of my hair can be dry and frizzy sometimes and I really find this works to control this problem. 

2. Face
I have two uses for this oil when it comes to skincare. When I have had a make-up heavy day and want to remove every trace of foundation and concealer and whatever else is on my face, I use the Beautifying Oil as a pre-cleanse to cut through all the make-up. I follow the oil with a cleanser and exfoliate. 
Secondly, I like to use this as a replacement for moisturiser during the final stage in my skincare routine, when my skin is feeling dry and dehydrated. My skin seems to love beauty oils and I always wake up the next day with a glowing, healthy skin complexion. 

3. Body
Finally, I love using this beautifying oil on my body, after the shower, as a body moisturiser. The oil helps to lock in moisture and prevent dry, scabby elbows and knees. 
I also use this as an alternative to shaving foam when shaving my legs. It works wonders to prepare the area pre-shave and to moisturise post-shave. It always leaves my legs feeling smooth and wonderful... Do not be surprised when I make you feel my legs after... 

Well, those are my favourite uses for the Body Shop Olive Beautifying Oil. Have you got any tips for me?

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