Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Lush Bath Cocktail

As a way of making sure that I take time to look after myself and take a well deserved break each week, I plan to have a lush bath; to relax, read a book and just treat myself to some alone time. This Lush bath series will also be an opportunity to review the many different Bath Ballistics, Bubble Bars and Bath Melts that are on offer at Lush.

I have recently discovered that more than one product can be used in the same bath to create a unique cocktail of aroma, bubbles and moisturising goodness. The first combination I tried is the Amandopondo Bubble Bar, with the Floating Island Bath Melt, a recommendation from a colleague at work.

Amandopondo is a rose and lemon scented bubble bar with a little rose bud embedded on the top. I took half of the bubble bar and crumbled this under hot running water. This created a lovely aroma and beautiful frothy bubbles. 

Floating Island is one of the amazing bath melts from Lush. It has a lemon and sandlewood scent which compliments the Amandopondo. The Floating Island contains Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil for adding lovely moisture.

I love bubble baths! They are so relaxing and a real form of escapism for me. The combination of the Amandopondo and the Floating Island was a treat. The bubbles were lovely and the scent created by both products was fresh, floral and uplifting. The scent does linger on the skin and my skin feels soft and luxurious. 

I can not wait for my next bath treat, any reccomendations that you guys love? 

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