Saturday, 6 December 2014

My Winter Lipstick Top 5 #Blogmas2014

A bold lip is my favourite accessory, and Christmas is the best time of year to showcase all my wonderful lip colours. A dark red or berry lip is the perfect shade to jazz up a casual outfit or to pair with the perfect party dress. I now can not go a day without applying lipstick, as I feel so naked without it and here, I share my top 5 lip products for Christmas 2014:

Mac Diva 
One of my favourite Mac lipsticks is Diva, a matte dark berry shade that compliments so many complections. I usually bring this out in the autumn and winter for big nights out to pair with a natural eye.

Rimmel Kate Moss 107
A classic berry lip colour is the Kate Moss 107. I will forever wear this shade and keep repurchasing this lipstick because it looks great on everyone. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Ole Flamingo 
My previous favourites post praised the formulation of these liquid lipsticks from Bourjois and Ole Flamingo is another shade that I adore. It is a deep pink that is matte and long lasting on the lips. 

Topshop Lips The Damned 
The Damned is a purple toned berry lipstick that is a bit more sheer than my other offerings but is a beautiful winter colour. Sadly a pen burst in my bag and ruined the packaging :( 

Chanel Rouge Edition Gloss Pirate 
My newest and most exciting winter lip colour is the Chanel Rouge Edition Gloss in the shade Pirate. I was so excited for this new launch from Chanel and rushed out to get one on payday! It is the glossy alternative to the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and just as pigmented. Pirate is a dark berry shade with a glossy finish. My favourite thing about these Chanel Rouge Edition Glosses is the packaging, you press down on the gold lid and the lipstick wand pops out! Amazing packaging! Very excited to pick up more shades!

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