Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Beauty Oils

Beauty oils are receiving a huge amount of hype right now but to be perfectly honest with you, a few months ago I had no idea how to use these oils, especially in terms of beauty. I use oil to fry a prawn stir fry so I was a bit overwhelmed by all these other beauty related uses!

You can get multi purpose beauty oils that can be used for face, body hair, hands... You name it these oils offer benefits to you! There are also oils that offer benefits or treatments to a specific area, such as hand and cuticle oils.

I have 5 beauty oils in my ever growing beauty collection which include 3 Multi purpose oils, a hair oil and a hand and cuticle oil. 

The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil: This is probably my most used beauty oil from this lot! I use it every second day when I go for a shower or bath. I like to use it after using a scrub to add and lock in moisture to my skin and this oil leaves my skin feeling amazing! I also use it as an alternative to shaving foams for my legs (as I am allergic to most shaving foam products) and it leaves my legs super smooth!  It also smells delicious too! 

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil: I got this Nuxe Dry Oil from a Glossy Box. It says that it is for face, hair and body and that it contains 6 precious plant oils. This oil contains little bronze shimmers throughout it and I enjoy using it on my arms and legs as a moisturiser as it not only adds moisture but also a little shimmer and that's always good. I also enjoy running this through the ends of my hair before I use my hair dryer. Oils tend to give my hair a healthy shine without making it look flat and greasy! 

Caudalie Devine Oil: Another Glossy Box treat which I have added to my wish list to purchase the full size bottle. This does indeed smell divine and it is my favourite oil of the group! I use this oil on my body, in my hair and on my face! I am very wary about what I put on my face and I was pretty apprehensive about putting oil onto my face, especially when I am prone to an oily T-Zone but I thought I would give it a try! I incorporated the oil into my nightly skin care routine. I used my L'oreal Micellar water first to remove my eye makeup, I then double cleansed my face using the Champney's Super Rich Cleansing Balm and the Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Purifying Cleansing Wash. I then applied the Caudalie Divine Oil all over my face using a cotton pad and just left it to soak in over night! In the morning my face feels really clean and super soft! Recommend this!  

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil: I have had this hand oil for a while and when it runs out I would repurchase it! I have extremely dry hands and i find using hand sanitizer dries them even more so I picked up this Hemp Hand Oil from the body shop! I like to use hand creams during the day and I always keep one in my bag but I like to keep this little bottle next to my bed! I use this every night to combat my dry hands and I really think it helps! It comes with a little pipette too, so you don't use too my product! 

Oragnix Moroccan Argan Oil: I bought this when hair oils and Argan oil became a big trend in the beauty world! I like how it's a spray so that I can spray the product directly onto my hair and it does smell very luxurious! It says it will "infuse hair with a sheer vail of shine, giving colour and highlights a multifaceted glow, while it helps reduce split ends and tames fly away frizzies" I do enjoy using this oil and its probably the hair oil I pick up when I don't have a lot of time to do my hair in the morning! 

Are there any beauty oils that you would recommend?

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