Saturday, 8 February 2014

January Non-Beauty Favourites

I don't usually do a non-beauty favourites but I have been loving some amazing things this month and had to share.

Creme Eggs are back and it's barely just stopped being Christmas time, but I am not complaining. My favourite sweet treat should be around all year round for me to enjoy. I am guilty of buying like 3 Creme Eggs a day... And eating them on that day. I also found these amazing Creme Egg Biscuits that are the most delicious thing paired with a cup of tea.

I have been obsessed with TeaPigs Tea for the whole of January, especially the Popcorn Tea. Apparently not to everyone's taste, it's a green tea with puffed rice and smells exactly like rice cakes. I love it! Another TeaPigs Tea that I've been loving is the Mint and Licquorice Tea (A personal favourite of my mums) it tastes like a warm sweet dessert and is perfect for the cold winter nights. 

I've been loving drinking my tea out of my Amazing G mug. I received this for my birthday from a friend and I love it lots and lots. Anything with a big G across the front is welcome in my home.

If anyone knows me, they would know I am not one to join a gym or go for a run but recently, in the name of becoming healthy, I have been attending some classes with the intention of signing up to more. In honour of this new me, I picked up these Black and Leopard print trainers from New Look. I love the design and think they are super comfortable. One of my favourite purchases of the month.

Another fashion favourite has been my rings. I love rings with a thin gold band, I think they look amazing with beautiful pastel nails. Urban Outfitters, New Look and Topshop are great for rings right now and I can't wait to add more to my collection. 

The two films I have been loving this month could not be more opposite. Firstly, I went to see The Wolf Of Wall Street at the cinemas and fell in love with Leo all over again. This film made me laugh till I could hardly breathe yet be shocked and disgusted at the same time. I will be picking this up when it's out on DVD for sure. secondly is Disney's new Frozen, oh my god, I love this movie. The characters, the plot and the soundtrack are fantastic and I have watched this like 10 times since Wednesday.

My final favourite has been the Instagram Prints which I ordered from Firebox. They are amazing and are like little Polaroids I can stick up around my bedroom. I think that Instagram photos are my most up to date photos and love that you can get them printed of. They are amazing quality and you should definitely check out the website.

I can not wait to discover new monthly favourites in February. 

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