Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Review: Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails

This is one of those wonder products where you can't believe that you didn't own this sooner and you can't imagine life without it. I received the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails in a Glossy Box a couple of months ago and just kinda forgot about it.

One of my major pet hates is nail polish that has not dried. You wait, helpless, waiting and waiting and when you think, finally, you can get back to business...
Nope. You have smudged a nail and have to reaply another coat. 

I am one of those people that like to match their nails to their outfit, so I do tend to remove and reaply nail polish nearly everyday. The waiting game I play with the nail polish is not a fun game and so I rejoiced when I found this amazing miracle product.

Rapid Dry for Nails claims to dry nail polish in 60 seconds and contains vitamin E to condition cuticles. You simpy paint your nails with the nail polish of your choice and then spray on the Rapid Dry for Nails. 60 seconds later, your nails are dry and glossy and there are no impending accidents waiting to happen.

Can not reccomend this product enough and you can find it in most Boots stores for only £3.05. 

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