Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Lush Skin Care Routine

As a big Lushie, most of the products I use and try out are from Lush. It has been a while since I bought skincare from the likes of Boots or Superdrug and I wouldn't even say I miss it. 

The wonderful thing about Lush, is that they offer free consultations where they tailor a skincare routine to your specific needs and desires. 

My skin is oily/combination with the occasional hormonal blemish and redness around the nose. I was looking for products that would absorb oil, cleanse my skin, reduce redness and moisturise and the Lush team helped put together the perfect line up. 

First up is the wonderful best selling cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin. (100g £6.40) I had never tried anything like this cleanser before but was intrigued by the concept. Angels on Bare Skin is one of Lush's fresh cleaners and contains some lovely fresh ingredients, including, Kaolin, ground almonds, lavender and Rose Absolute. Kaolin is a natural preservative and helps to absorb oils and cleanse the skin. The ground almonds act as a gentle exfoliant to help buff away dead skin cells and the Lavender and Rose are great for calming the skin, reducing redness and restoring and balancing the skin.

I was then recommended to try adding a toner water into my routine and was advised that the Tea Tree Toner Water (100g £3.95) would work wonders on my skin. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial so can help to keep away bacteria and help to prevent spots. It is also refreshing and cooling on the skin, great for after cleansing. 

Finally, I was looking for the perfect moisturiser and I think I have found it. Million Dollar Moisturiser (45g £32.50) is their newest moisturiser offering and it was love at first use for me. A thick, sweet scented cream that contains SPF 30 and some of their lovely 'Feeling Younger Highlighter.' Definitely a hit for me. It adds instant glow and protection and I have had so many compliments on my skin whenever I use this moisturiser.

After using these lovely products for the last month, I can honestly say my skin looks and feels so much better, oil and redness have been reduced, blemishes are a rarity and my complexion just looks healthier. Pop into your nearest Lush for a tailored-to-you skin consultation and you will not be disappointed.

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